This is an intro for a Gameboy game, which I've made for the "GB Studio Jam (Skittle Special #2)".  The game doesn't exist. Maybe I will build it in the future.

I've used GB Studio and some graphic tools to build it. I made my first steps with Gameboy Studio and the requirements of the Gameboy technic, but I hope you enjoy to watch the sequence. (The demo has no sound at the actual version.)


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I like this. I think the cutscene could use a little more animation and some sound and music but it *does* get me to want to play the game. I think the Space Guy's design is really cool

Thank you very much for feedback :-)

have you worked more on this? :)

No, I'm sorry. I'm trying to build a game for the SNES DEV Jam at the moment (a little childhood dream). But I try to work on the GB-Game next months. Maybe I will release a demo till the end of the year (I only can work on it at evening).

Reading that you're so ineressted in this project makes me very happy. At the moment I have to enhance my developement skills, but I hang in there. I'm looking forward to play your game(s) too. Thank you again.

Link the mentioned SNES developement: