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Welcome. SUPER RAMBLER is a 1-level time attack game, which can be played at SNES emulators or -devices via ROM-file (the ROM has the NTSC region format).

It's created for the SNESDEV Game Jam in 2021. It's my first try to build a SNES game. I used the "likeMario" example from the tool(chain) PVSNESLIB. I like this tool and it's examples - thank you ‘alekmaul’. And thanks for the music-file - it's a great sound. The game uses the program code of "likeMario" as basement and is enhanced with parts from other PVSNESLIB examples and own codelines.

I learned a lot by studying the example files from ‘alekmaul’ and sourcecodes from the games of ‘Dr. Ludos’. Thank you.

And thank you to my family, especially to my kids and 'Jonas' for testing and giving design tips.

There are some ideas left to realize and some glitches to remove (I had to handle some problems with the colision- and VRAM-functions), but I´m happy with the result. A dream of my childhood (to have a developing part in a SNES Game) is realized.

About the developing theme 'perspective' of the game jam: Our rambler wants to reach a place witch he has a good perspective / view for his rest. I've tried to build the map with different perspectives / segments.

I learned a lot about retro technics and limitations (I had to implement less details then I'd wanted to put in the map). And I refreshed my C-coding skills. I'm planing to improve this project step by step.

I wish that this little game brings fun to you too. 


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superrambler_v1-01_flat_design.sfc 256 kB
superrambler_v1-02_more_details.sfc 256 kB

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I got 2866 without cheating

Great. You're the current highscore leader. Congratulations!

Nice game !

Thank you! :-)

Think I might be the Super Rambler world champion right now with my score of 2869!  :D

Congratulation! Could it be that you have found the way to use the "glitch cheat" in the z-tunnel? ;-) 

I hadn't actually, just a really clean run!  Thanks for the advice, my time is down to 2730 thanks to cheating haha

Wow, cool. Herewith the official "Super Rambler Contest" has startet :)

I couldn't do better than 2942 so far...

Today, my time is 2943 and 2786 with cheating. You both are realy good.

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Just played the game and got a high score/counter of 3064! I think it's a good first effort and I congratulate you on achieving your childhood dream! I can imagine how good that feels, as I had a similar one. If you'd like constructive feedback, I noticed a couple of small things I imagine would be easy fixes. Thanks for your entry and welcome to the league of the select few still developing for the SNES!

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I'm very very happy about your comment and your support. With this, the experience to archive the childhood dream reaches a new level for me. Thank you very much. My kids are excited too. When I've read it first, I contact my father about it, because he knows best what it's meaning for me - he's a passionate "Dr. Mario player" (also for the SNES). So you made some people happy with your heartfelt words :-). We stay in contact - also about the game fixes.