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This game is made for the "Game Jam 192: Episode 3". Greetings to the "Indie Game Squad" who organized it!

In this 8-days-long game jam, with the theme "Agile and Afraid", I've decided to use the very good tool "NES Puzzle Maker V2" (see "https://puzzle.nes.science"). I had the idea and the first draws of the pixels before the jam started. When the jam began I've made the tile-set with the NES Puzzle Maker V2 template and replaced most of the sprites with my own. (Here I used the free space fields to put in the title and credit graphics - I love this tool). I've tried to use all functions and possibilities of the tool. "Thank you" to INDIE GAMEWEB who create the tool and thanks to Ted Kerr (aka Wolfgang) - the author of the in-tool music.

About the jam theme "Agile and Afraid":  The settings in the tool and the level design was build to realize a fast and  "agile" run. I've decided to create a short story to show why the character is "afraid" and tried to show an "afraid" emotion on his pixel face ;-). 

I hope you'll enjoy the ideas and the game!


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Knurps-Egg-Rescue.zip 2 MB
Knurps-Egg-Rescue_V1-01.nes 40 kB

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Awesome game ! Congrats and thanks you.

Thank you for your words and your video. It's my pleasure to see you playing my game!

That's a fun little game, thank you for sharing! What I did not understand is why the player spontaneously seemed to warp to different maps when walking on certain, otherwise normal looking tiles (e.g. on the very first map). Apart from that, a fun romp!

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Thank you very much. The level change is a planed thing :-). I wanted to simulate that the flood is coming on some maps (at the moment I had no others possibilities with the current version of the tool - but the NES Puzzle Maker is a really good software for level building in a smooth way). 

Oh, I now know what you mean. A gate-field is on the wrong place. I'll replace it in the next days. Thank you for the hint.

It's corrected.